Vintage Alternators:



Compliments on your instructions, one of the best instructions I have seen. [The Vintage Alternator] works great.

   Ron W.


Top notch service, product and instructions.

   Alex M.


Alternator arrived on Monday and I got it installed today with no problems. Great instructions! I get 14.5 volts at idle.

     Mark K.


The Alternator “Generator” is wonderful….it looks so much like the old generator I have to tell people that it is a new Alternator!

     Bryan S.


We got it installed yesterday…. it looks and works great! Thanks.

     Brad K.


1955-59 Task Force Power Steering Kits:

I got the power steering system installed in my 59 Chevrolet [truck]. I’m completely impressed by how well it went in and how well it works. Thanks.
     Dave K.


I would like to say the system is working fantastic, easy to install, took me 6 hours (I have a 2 post lift). Tech support was excellent and response time was awesome. Instruction were easy to follow and well laid out. I will be definitely recommending Authentic Automotive to all fellow classic [truck] owners. Feel free to add this to your testimonial section.

     Brian B, a happy customer


Hi Steve,

Power steering installed and is great.  Everyone thinks it is stock for my truck so I don’t tell them any different!  Really it looks and runs great, refer me at anytime.

     Liam L.


Hello Steve,

With the long weekend, I was able to install the power steering kit on my [78 year old] dad’s truck. I have been working on cars as a hobby for about 40 years and I have never had any kit go together as smoothly as your steering kit did this weekend. The directions were great, the parts all fit. Everything was there. I didn’t need to jerry-rig anything to make it fit. You are number one as a supplier in my book.

My dad was able to finally take it out for the first drive of the summer yesterday and [he] just kept saying, “fantastic, fantastic.” He had the biggest smile every time he went around a corner. He said, “I think I might even be able to parallel park now.” Tonight he drove my mom to a Labor Day party in the truck.

Thanks again for a great kit and for putting my dad back on the road.

Very best regards,

     Jeff H.


Steve, first let me tell you what a fine piece of engineering you have accomplished on this truck power steering unit. I know good craftsmanship when I see it. Everything went together great. I have to learn how to drive the truck all over again!

     Dave B.


Hi Steve:   All is well with the [power] steering on the Cameo…….everything is working as it should. It is refreshing to find someone willing to [help with steering diagnosis] these days. Thanks again.

     Herb F.


Fit and finish was great. Instruction excellent.

     Gary B.


Transmission Mounts:


Hello Steve,
Received and installed your bellhousing mounts on my 55 Bel Air no sweat, well a little sweat.  Must have been original mounts as I think the engine is an inch taller.
     Jim M.