Vintage Alternators:


We got it installed yesterday…. it looks and works great!

Thanks, Brad K.


The Alternator “Generator” is wonderful….it looks so much like the old generator I have to tell people that it is a new Alternator!

Bryan S.


Alternator arrived on Monday and I got it installed today with no problems. Great instructions! I get 14.5 volts at idle.

Mark K.


1955-57 Car Original Type Power Steering Kits:


I want to let you know how impressed I was with the quality of the power steering conversion kit I order from you a few weeks back. From the time I spent with you on the phone, the swiftness with which you prepared the kit, the ease of installation due to excellent instructions, and the quality of your workmanship in the restoration of the parts to perfect working order was a wonderful experience. Even the care with which you packed and shipped the items was…noticed and appreciated.

Bryan S.


1958-59 Chevy Car Power Steering Kits:


“Very few [upgrades] I bought for my Impala was as complete and inclusive as the Power Steering Kit from Authentic Automotive.”

John S. 


1955-59 Chevy Truck Power Steering Kits:


I would like to say the system is working fantastic, easy to install, took me 6 hours (I have a 2 post lift). Tech support was excellent and response time was awesome. Instruction were easy to follow and well laid out. I will be definitely recommending Authentic Automotive to all fellow classic [truck] owners. Feel free to add this to your testimonial section.

Brian B, a happy customer


Hi Steve,

Power steering installed and is great.  Everyone thinks it is stock for my truck so I don’t tell them any different!  Really it looks and runs great, refer me at anytime.

Liam L.


Hello Steve,

With the long weekend, I was able to install the power steering kit on my [78 year old] dad’s truck. I have been working on cars as a hobby for about 40 years and I have never had any kit go together as smoothly as your steering kit did this weekend. The directions were great, the parts all fit. Everything was there. I didn’t need to jerry-rig anything to make it fit. You are number one as a supplier in my book.

My dad was able to finally take it out for the first drive of the summer yesterday and [he] just kept saying, “fantastic, fantastic.” He had the biggest smile every time he went around a corner. He said, “I think I might even be able to parallel park now.” Tonight he drove my mom to a Labor Day party in the truck.

Thanks again for a great kit and for putting my dad back on the road.

Very best regards,

Jeff H.


Steve, first let me tell you what a fine piece of engineering you have accomplished on this truck power steering unit. I know good craftsmanship when I see it. Everything went together great. I have to learn how to drive the truck all over again!

Dave B.


Hi Steve:   All is well with the [power] steering on the Cameo…….everything is working as it should. It is refreshing to find someone willing to [help with steering diagnosis] these days. Thanks again.

Herb F.


Fit and finish was great. Instruction excellent.

Gary B.



Transmission Mounts:


Hello Steve,
Received and installed your bellhousing mounts on my 55 Bel Air no sweat, well a little sweat.  Must have been original mounts as I think the engine is an inch taller.
Jim M.